Conference publications

Bifurcations in Generalized Volterra Model of Two Trophic Levels Ecosystem

Aponin Yu.M., Aponina E.A.

Russia, Pushchino

"Математика. Компьютер. Образование". Cб. трудов XIV международной конференции. Под общей редакцией Г.Ю. Ризниченко Ижевск: Научно-издательский центр "Регулярная и хаотическая динамика", 2007. Vol. 2, 392pp. Pp. 131-138.

A mathematical model of predator – prey microecosystem with lower critical population number of prey is considered. The predator – prey system is assumed under harvesting. Harvesting intensity variations generate changes in two model parameters which are considered as controllable. Bifurcation diagram in controllable parameters plane is constructed and corresponding phase portraits are represented.

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