On stabilization of the solution of one Cauchy problem

Vasil'eva O.A.

Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, Yaroslavskoye Shosse, 26, Moscow, Russia, 129337 D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia, Higher Chemical College, Miusskaya Sq. 9, Moscow, Russia. 125047

The Сarleman kinetic system is used to describe many problems of gas dynamics, physics and chemistry, in particular, to describe the chemical reaction of autocatalysis. This explains the relevance of the study of this system. Accounting for members of a higher order of smallness leads to a second order system

The study of the stabilization time of the solution of the second order system for the case of periodic initial conditions is carried out. The obtained results are analyzed and compared with the results of the study of the system of Carleman equations for different parameter values.

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