MATHEMATICS. COMPUTING. EDUCATION International Conference is organized by Lomonosov Moscow State University, Puschino Scientific Center (Puschino, Russia Academy of Science), Keldysh Institute for Applied Mathematics (Moscow, Russia Academy of Science), Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna), Dubna State University, the Interregional Public Organization “Women in Science and Education” and Moscow Society of Naturalists.

The Conference is held annually at the end of January in scientific centers nearby Moscow, Russia – at Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna (even year event) and at Biology Research Center of Puschino (odd year event).

Official Languages: Russian, English

Mathematics is a well-known language that unites contemporary science. Most mathematical concepts have applicability far beyond the context they have originated from. The main objective of the Conference is to provide a platform for constructive dialogue between professionals in various fields of knowledge – from pure mathematical theory to application of mathematical models and information technology in scientific research and education.

Conference agenda includes plenary lectures and concurrent sessions and workshops on the following  topics:

  • Mathematical Theories
  • Calculation Methods and Mathematical Modeling
  • Mathematical Models in Natural and Social Sciences
  • Analysis of Complex Biological Systems: Models and Experiment
  • Natural and Social Science Education

With advance in experimental sciences it becomes obvious that new comprehensive approach is required for deep understanding of biological phenomena at different spatial and time scale. The need for integration between different branches of knowledge emerges such disciplines as bioinformatics and systems biology. Analysis of Complex Biological Systems: Models and Experiment Workshop is aimed at facilitating dialogue between experimental, computational, and theoretical aspects in life sciences and will address interdisciplinary practices across the natural sciences.

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