Automated book of abstracts generation based on data from Indico

Ilina A.V., Pelevanyuk I.S.

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research; 6, Joliot-Curie St., Dubna, Moscow Region Joint Institute for Nuclear Research; 6, Joliot-Curie St., Dubna, Moscow Region

Indico is an open-source tool for event, meeting and conference organization developed and maintained by CERN. Joint Institute for Nuclear Research uses Indico to organize its events. JINR hosts more than 40 international conferences and meetings every year. The organization of each conference includes creation of a paper or e-book of abstracts defined and stylized in a special way. The book of abstracts contains general information about the conference, as well as information about each of the reports. This information consists of the title of the report, the list of authors and their organizations, and the abstract text. Creating such a book by hand is a very time-consuming process.

The Indico system allows you to upload the data of all abstracts of the conference as an XML file. Using this file, you can create an abstract workbook in automatic mode. However, there are often mistakes, including: mixing Cyrillic and Latin, different spellings of the same organizations, too long or too short abstracts. Therefore, it is better way to generate a book of abstracts in an automated mode, when the user who creates the book receives information about all detected errors and can correct them independently or request corrections from the authors of the report.

The paper analyzes the processes of data collection for the book of abstracts; approaches to automated creation of the book of abstracts are considered; the implementation of the software product is presented.

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