On problem of rocket flight control with regard for constraint stabilization

Kaspirovich K.Z., Mukharlyamov R.G.

RUDN University, Moscow

The paper deals with the methods of solving the variational problem of control implementation, stabilizing the optimal motion of the rocket in gravitational fields, finding the most accurate trajectories, as well as the application of the results to solve various practical problems of flight dynamics. The relevance of the study of these problems is due to the fact that space guidance and tracking the trajectory of the object during the entire flight is the most important basis for successful space maneuver of ships, satellites, missiles. The construction and implementation in practice of the laws of Autonomous guidance in application to modern types of propulsion technology is an acute unsolved problem today, which depends on the ability of aircraft engines to produce the necessary thrust for flight. It takes into account the fact that in reality the object does not fly on a given trajectory, but has a certain deviation due to inaccuracies in the parameters of the flight model and the propulsion system. Therefore there is a need for the formulation of the stabilization problem to find conditions of optimal control. The problems of stabilization and motion control are important both from a theoretical point of view and because of numerous technical applications.

From a theoretical point of view, these problems are important primarily because they relate to complex problems of mechanics, and each time require new approaches and methods for their solution. In this case, the nature of the problem of stabilization of movements significantly depends on the additional conditions that are imposed on the dynamic system.

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