Conference Publications

Abstracts and short presentations of accepted lectures will be published electronically on the conference website by January 8, 2023. Book of Abstracts will be published and distributed after the Conference. Abstract submission deadline is December 18, 2022. Selected papers will be published in “Computer Research and Modeling” scientific journal and the 30th Annual Volume due to follow the Conference.

  1. Authors may submit abstract for oral or poster presentation in Russian or in English (or both*).
    * additional publication fee will be charged in this case

  2. Abstracts should be submitted by filling in Presentation application form on Conference website. Together with electronic submission author should send printed copy of the abstract with his signature on it by post.

  3. Each abstract should fit one page (A4), text field 160 mm by 220 mm (top/bottom margins 38 mm, left/right margins 25 mm), Times New Roman 12 pt, single interval.
  4. Abstracts may be submitted in plain text, HTML, LaTeX, RTF, Word for Windows or Adobe PDF format.

Instruction for Authors

  1. First line: TITLE (ALL CAPS, bold, aligned to center). Leave one blank line after title. 
  2. Author list: place last (family) name first and separate initials from surname with single space, use comma for enumeration. If you need to state that some of the co-authors belong to different companies please suffix (without space) their names with numbers in superscript (starting from one) in order their addresses appear in Contacts section below; do not suffix name of the corresponding author and co-authors from the same organization with any digit. Correct list should look like this sample: Smith J.R., Jones W.1, Brown F. (bold, aligned to center). Leave one blank line after author list.
  3. Contacts (Company (no abbreviations), address, city, ZIP-code, Country, phone, E-mail). If you specify different contacts for different authors prefix each paragraph (except the first one) with a digit in superscript. Contact address of the corresponding author should go first; others' go in order of numbers related to author list. Align to center and leave two blank lines after.
  4. Body text (1 cm indent for the first line of each paragraph (including mathematical equations), use round brackets for equations references and square brackets for bibliography references, justify text). Equations referenced in text should be marked with corresponding number in round brackets (aligned to the right margin). Microsoft Word users should insert equations as MathType or Microsoft Equation Editor 3 objects.
  5. If you provide list of cited literature, proceed the following instructions:
    1. Leave one blank line
    2. References. (bold, left aligned, full stop after) or Литература. for abstract in Russian.
    3. Numbered list of books and articles cited, al aligned to left. Format entries:
      • for books:
        Title. – City: Publisher, year. NN pages.
      • for articles:
        Title // Journal Title Vol. NN, No. NN, Year. Pp. NN-NN.

Abstract templates

Right-click the link and choose save as if the document opens in browser instead of downloading



[leave one line]

Smith J.R., Jones W.1, Brown F.

[leave one line]

Moscow State University,
Leninskie Gory 1, Moscow, 119992, Russia
+7(495)939-0289, E-mail:

1Russian State Library,
Vozdvizhenka 3/5, Moscow, 119019, Russia

[leave two lines]

Body text [1,2].

[leave one line]


1. Authors. Title. – City: Publisher, year. NN pages.

2. Authors. Title // Journal Title Vol. NN, No. NN, Year. Pp. NN-NN.



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